Floral arrangements, bouquets, cakes and appetizers. Bridal parties, dresses, and exit music. Toasts and speeches, vows and dances. With hundreds of small decisions to make through the wedding planning process, it's easy to get lost in the overwhelm. This is where I step in, waving a magic wand that turns these little stressors into a day of joy! 

My job as your wedding planner & coordinator is to do more than simplify the process, it's to make the process almost invisible so all you see is a friend (ahem, me!) taking your hand and guiding you through the in's and out's of your wedding day — because this day is just the first of so many best days to come, and I want you to love every second of it!

Making "I do" the best day ever (so far!)

Your Right-Hand Wedding Fairy

"When we pay attention to a moment, we're investing our energy in something we can cherish later on."

There's a great quote from the book The Power of Moments that says, "when we pay attention to a moment, we're investing our energy in something we can cherish later on." 

This is the heart of Eleven Ten wedding planning for Nashville couples. My job is to remove you from the seat of overwhelm and allow you to see the larger picture — the moment we are creating. 

Because your wedding is not just a date that exists on your calendar, and it isn't a celebration that will one day be over — it's the "ready, set, go!" of the rest of your life together. 

I was destined to plan my own wedding, what with my never-ceasing knack for managing and directing live events through my younger years.

From there, things ramped up — from family weddings to friends and friends of friends — and before I knew it I had coordinated over 40 weddings in just three years of business!

My clients lovingly call me The Wedding Fairy, and I wear that title with pride and sweet joy. Because if there's one thing I love, it's stepping in right when things feel overwhelming and taking your hand, waving my wand, and helping you love every second of your wedding day stress-free! 

Owner | Lead Wedding Planner

Hi, I'm Amanda

private Last Dance

My favorite all-time wedding trend is


over 40 weddings!

Within my first three years, I planned


Am spending time  with my husband & Friends

When I'm not wedding planning, I


The Post Ceremony
 "we just did it" Moment

My favorite part of a wedding day is


my Wedding date on November 10!

Eleven Ten Events is named after


the Wedding Fairy.

My clients call me 


The FUn Facts

get to know your nashville wedding planner

your nashville wedding planners

Opening the door for the bride 

A totally random fact about me...

My favorite part of the wedding day

I am a birth Dula

My best advice for couples is...


Wedding Day Assistant

Hi, I'm Kaitlin 

Meet the Eleven Ten Events Team 

Don't sweat the small stuff

I am a high school Math Teacher

A totally random fact about me...

First Look 

My favorite part of the wedding day

Try to stay together during the reception

My best advice for couples is...


Hi, I'm Lauren

Wedding Day Assistant

- Alyson newman

"I had so many people come up to me and say, 'Aly, aren't you stressed? Why are you so chill?' and I would answer, 'I have my wedding fairy. I'm good.' She took the vision we had of our wedding day, and made it even better."

- erin pratt

"Amanda was a life saver!! She went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect. I highly recommend her if you're in the market for a coordinator. Her attention to detail is unreal, and you won't be disappointed!"

- Brittany Quas

"There is no one more organized and efficient than Amanda!! I did not have to worry about a THING on my wedding day. This wedding fairy will make your day truly magical!"

- Ashlyn Lee

"I can't even begin to explain how THANKFUL I am for Amanda!!! My wedding was completely stress free thanks to her. If you are looking to hire someone to make your wedding day go smooth and perfect, she is your girl!"

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Our full-service wedding planning package is perfect for couples in the beginning stages of planning but are already feeling the weight of overwhelm. We're here to add some joy and excitement back into the planning process through our guided, seamless process to create an event that reflects your personality, style and story!

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You've done the planning, and now you're ready to full-on enjoy your wedding day! Our wedding coordination packages allow you to enjoy the experience you've spent months designing alongside your loved ones and friends! With day-of and month-of options, I'll provide the level of support you need to be in the moment — your moment. 

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the first day of your forever

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